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Hunger Games

I took the plunge.  I put down The Hunger Games last night after a mere three days of reading in between finals, and now I’m hooked.

I plan to see the movie this weekend, then go out and buy the other two books.   I’m a little disappointed to see that the actress playing Katniss is (obviously) a typical Hollywood blonde. Kinda takes away the image in my mind, but whatever I guess.

I’m such a follower. 😉


follow up: I finally saw the movie, and they made the actress a brunette.  Fit so much better with the image in my head.  However, I’m pretty disappointed with the movie.  In the book, it really was suspenseful as the reader followed Katniss through saving Peeta’s life, etc. The movie cut out all those parts.

Back to reading more age-appropriate books I guess.



A city as progressive as London should not, and is not, standing for such intolerance. yeah!!

Excellent documentary about gender construction in our culture. This article is from my college paper, The Scarlet.

The Scarlet

The Bro Code screened as part of Women’s History Month event

By Natalie Beale
Scarlet Staff

The Bro Code: How Contemporary Culture Creates Sexist Men was screened lastweek as part of Women’sHistory Month, followed bya discussion led by ProfessorsKristen Williams andValerie Sperling.

The producers, the MediaEducation Foundation, targetsyoung men in highschool and college, trying toraise awareness aboutgendered codes in cultureand media. To an extent itworks, but the screening atClark was, by a huge margin,mostly attended by women.

The documentary is splitinto “steps” which outlinethe ways society constructssexist men. “Step one” highlightsmovies and music videoswhich encourage men tobe active, controlling, andfeel entitled to materialgoods and attractive,though passive, women.

“Step two” looks at howporn teaches boys and mento disrespect women.

“Step three” illustrateshow society trivializes

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I’m sitting at Starbucks as I write this, and there is a meeting going on next to me about an upcoming party at the Frat House on Willow St. It is apparently some type of fundraising event to raise money for cancer.

Sounds like a good cause, right? Read on, my friend.

The man conducting the meeting is talking to three other people; another middle-aged adult about his age, and two Tulane students – male and female.  The decision maker/team leader is planning the party right down to the amount of alcohol bottles broken down by type, as well as the bands, etc.  It seemed like a harmless event-planning session until he started talking about the women who will help sell the party: “Well put a hot one, one with big breasts, at the front. That will bring in more people. Then we can put another one, maybe a less cute one than the one we put out front…we can put that one behind the bar. It’s always good to have a hot girl selling beer”.

At this point my interest is piqued.  Is this really happening right next to me as I type a paper on group counseling sessions for class?  I continue to listen:

“Well, like, I might have, like, some cute girls that I can ask to work for the night” – says the young girl at the meeting.   Are we talking about prostitution or a party?  I know it’s the friggen Frat House, but come on.

“Do you have any hot girls in your sorority you could ask?” – team leader dude

“No. My sorority, like, is the “ugly sorority”, hehe” – sorority girl.

“Maybe we can ask some chicks from another sorority” – male student with her.


The students leave a few minutes later, and the two men pick apart the looks of the sorority girl who met with them. “She’s not a pretty girl, but at least she has a nice body”.  I’m thisclose to throw my iced latte over his balding head.

It’s quite amazing that years of hard work in the feminist movement has gotten us so far, just to have it taken away in a moment like this.    And the most pathetic thing is that this wont phase anyone, and their tactics will work for them. It makes me so angry that this post will end up in cyberspace somewhere; a feminist rant falling on apathetic ears. And their party will do well, due to half-naked “chicks” selling beer in an successful attempt at raising money for cancer.   It will always be a straight man’s world.

Well, Tulane students. Have fun at the Frat House whenever this party happens. It sounds decent for those looking for a cheap drunk.  Buy a $10 tank, get free beer and $1 shots all night. Hell, they even have me advertising for them.




This article was meant to be an April Fool’s joke. It was published on April 2nd. (Is there a certain time allotted for the distribution of April Fool’s jokes? )

Either way, this is awesome. Apparently, Starbucks’ sales skyrocketed after National Organization of Marriage demanded the boycott of their product in response to the company’s outward support of equal marriage.  The satirical article claims that Apple and Microsoft, jealous of Starbucks’ increase in sales, are requesting a boycott of their companies in order to attain the same financial boom.

It is too hilarious that it is financially better for businesses to be boycotted by NOM.

The best quote in the entire piece:

“In 2010 Google began compensating their coupled LGBT employees for the added tax burden that the Defense of Marriage Act creates.”

Oh, the list of  things that would only happen if true equality existed.

I don’t understand how extremists can get so heated about abortion that they feel justified in bombing a Planned Parenthood.   Killing staff and patients with the intention of preventing the, on average, 3% of services you don’t agree with is representative of how screwed up you truly are.

As long as the small percentage of services are ceased, therefore preventing those abortions, then these pregnancies are now carried to term (provided the mother survived the bombing).  Then, it’s each person for themself!

Where are these passionate individuals when schools are being defunded, school lunch programs being cut, and children dieing of starvation or poor health? As long as the children are born, that’s all that matters? Why fight so hard to ensure their birth, if there is no intention to help them survive?

These extremist pro-lifers/anti-abortionists are frequently the same group who are against sexual education and birth control. So, preventing the pregnancy in the first place is a no-go. Abortion is worthy of brutal acts such as bombing, etc.  And once the child is born, they better not be receiving any government aid for food, health, education, shelter, is anything else that will help them sustain the “life” for which these extremists have fought so diligently.

Remind me again what their point is? …pro-life?