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As Facebook dwindles down from recent political explosions on the news feed, I’m still catching the odd debate here and there about the results of Maine’s Question 1.

It’s amazing how many people hide behind the premise of their “opinion” while spewing pure hatred. Just because you preface this filth with “in my opinion,” doesn’t make it any less that what it is: hatred. This world is full of it.

“Well I believe gay marriage is just wrong. Its disgusting.”

Maybe I find your face disgusting. Even Marie Antoinette had to learn sooner or later that the world wasn’t always going to cater to her expectations.

“I just don’t understand it”.

I didn’t realize it was necessary to give commentary on everything you dont understand.  I’ll never understand the attraction to fake-platinum blondes. Does this mean I have to clog up your news feed to ensure you know my opinion about this?  Leave the comments about things you “dont understand” to conversations about physics. That, nobody understands.

“I’m sorry, that’s just my opinion”.

Apologizing along with it doesn’t really make you that much less of an asshole.

“Next we’re going to be allowing legal incest and pedophilia”.

Why not? It’s in the Bible. Kidding. Totally fricken kidding.  I have no hope for these people, anyway. With this type of logic, nothing is untouchable.

“It’s a sin! It says so in the Bible”.

This one is probably my favorite. Your cookie-cutter following of the Bible has brought you to the realization that it must be wrong. After all, absolutely everything else that is (assumed to be) forbidden in the Bible is followed to an exact science; all 700 different interpretations of it.  Theologians disagree about scripture every day, but John Doe can’t be argued with.

“I’m being forced to put up with something I don’t agree with!”

You sound like a spoiled child. Gay marriage isn’t forcing you to marry someone of the same sex! Did the feminist movement mandate bra burning?

“I am allowed to have my opinion”

There are always those people who, when all common-sense fails, they resort to the “I know my rights” mentality. You’re correct, you have the right to condone hatred. But after awhile, doesn’t it get old?


Thank you Maine!

…and Maryland, Washington, and Minnesota!

It was a little scary there for a bit this afternoon, leaving me questioning my faith in America’s Vacationland; the place I have called my first home for 26 years next week.

But the final tally is in, placing Maine as the 7th state to legalize gay marriage, and the first state to do so by means of popular vote!  Rachel Maddow made it official by declaring her love for me, I mean, my state, as soon as votes were in.


Our opponent, Protect Marriage Maine, spent many hours concerning themselves with the lives of others. (You know what they say about “those who preach the loudest…”) Carroll Conley and Bob Emrich, two of the opposing campaign’s leaders, were interviewed by the press Tuesday night:

“When we started this campaign, we said marriage was in trouble in our country.” Conley said.  “We made the case for traditional marriage and we’re terribly disappointed that we were not able to convince enough voters to hold on to the value of traditional marriage for society and we genuinely fear for the consequences we’ve raised during the campaign.”

Marriage is in trouble?  Honey, if you think a same-sex couple getting married is the downfall of traditional marriage, then your head must have been in the sand for the past couple decades.  Adultery, 2 week engagements, and on-the-spot marriages in Vegas to people who just met 15 minutes prior are all legal in the “traditional marriage” world.  Mistresses,  million-dollar celebrity weddings immediately followed by divorce, perhaps some of these things have contributed to putting marriage in trouble?

“…hold on to the value of traditional marriage for society…”

What is “traditional marriage”, anyway?  According to who you ask, the Bible allows for Polygamy, mistresses, forced marriages of children, trading wives for goats, among other horrendous things.  Or, maybe Conley means altered-traditional marriage, like in the case of Newt Gingrich. He can get married and divorced how many times? And it’s all legal. If that doesn’t bother you, but two committed people having ONE marriage does, then reexamine your priorities.

“…we genuinely fear for the consequences we’ve raised during the campaign.”

Um. What? Consequences?  If Barney Frank’s legal marriage affects you THAT much, I can recommend a decent therapist.   You know what will happen when gay people get married?  …gay people will be married.  Men like Newt Gingrich will still have affairs, get divorced, and remarried – all while preaching for traditional marriage.

Times are changing, Conley. Get on the bandwagon with us, or get out of our way.