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Accomplishments… or not?

This past weekend, Jen and I watched the movie Men of Honor. This past weekend was also when I received my MSW. Still enjoying the high feeling of pride and accomplishment, I settled in for a night of relaxation – giving my brain a much needed rest.

For those of you who haven’t seen this movie, and those of you who want it to be spoiled, it is about a black man who overcomes (don’t know if that’s the best word – can unjustified hatred be overcome?) intense racism in the Navy to become the first African American Navy diver, and the first to become Master Chief.

It is stories like this one that make me feel like I haven’t truly accomplished much. Sure, I have done a lot in my life, but I didn’t have the obstacles that this guy had. There is one scene where everyone leaves the room just because of the color of his skin – and he continues to stand proudly while spending day and night with these people. In another scene, he is forced to spend almost 9 hours completing a test that took others about two hours, all because he was set up to fail.

His determination got him through when everything – and everyone- was against him. Would I have been able to get through in similar circumstances? Or would I have given up? 

Are accomplishments relative? Are they subjective?

Am I over-analyzing…?




I am going to lose it completely.

Some of you read Kristen Lamb, who writes a blog about writing. It’s extremely popular and usually very helpful. But her latest post was a digression — an extended piece about being a size 10/12 and why she feels fat:

I am healthy, have beautiful skin and hair. I have enough energy to power a small city and am never sick, but I am still a size 10-12 and 170 pounds.

Why is it no one looks like me?

When we look on TV, we are confronted with extremes–super skinny or clinically obese. We are calling anorexics “beautiful” and calling dangerously obese women “curvy.” We are an a country that is dying because of euphemisms. I hear parents call morbidly obese children “husky,” “big-boned” or “muscular.” We have retailers calling anorexics “curvy.”

I get it. I’ve written about this as well.

But, seriously…

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curly hair problems


I’m so sick of straight haired girls telling me they understand my frustration when it comes to curly hair.

“My hair gets curly when it’s humid, I totally understand”.

Mm hmm.  You have no idea.

“My hair is naturally curly too, actually it’s wavy, I just straighten it”.

If you can “straighten” your hair to the point where it looks like that, then you probably don’t have the same texture hair as me.

My frustration stems from the fact that every time I try to find a new hair stylist, I ask if they have experience working with curly hair, and I almost get an offended response. As if I have insulted them by asking.  Yet I continue to experience haircuts from people who really have no idea how to work with curly hair. I’m talking REALLY CURLY hair. Not Taylor-Swift-who-has-curly-ends-sometimes hair.

A quick Google search for “curly hair” brings up about 90% of pictures of women with STRAIGHT hair with a hairstyle that came from throwing a couple curlers in it for a while. Where are my naturally-curly girls?

I am trying to find a new hairstyle for graduation, and I came across a site that can help you choose hairstyles based on your face shape. After choosing my face shape, (who the hell knows their face shape!?) I was directed to a site for choices for straight/wavy hair, as well as curly hair.  The two girls featured had the SAME DAMN HAIR.

See for yourself:


Until people learn the difference between straight-hair-with-a-little-bit-of-wave, and CURLY hair, we will continue to have these serious, real world problems. And people like me, who work third shift on a Friday night after no sleep due to preparing for graduation ALL WEEK, will continue to have minor issues to worry about.

So many problems. So little time.