Tonight I found myself going through old pictures of college; reminising in the nostalgia that flows from pictures of dorm rooms and dining halls. I remember counting down the days until we received our degrees, sick of being treated like the undergraduate teenagers we were. Sneaking jello shots and small caged animals into our dorm rooms, it was us against the world. 

I miss traveling. Not going-from-here-to-Alabama traveling. I miss TRAVELing. Walking across the bridge over the Charles River in Prague. Seeing the concentration camps in Poland. Living in France. I miss getting lost, trying foreign food, staying in hostels. I miss it all.

I have an inability to enjoy the moment. I always look back and long for the memories of last night, last weekend, last year.  I miss sipping iced lattes under the palm trees before class this past summer. I miss my life in the early days of coming to New Orleans: when everything was new and exciting. Heck, I miss the Mardi Gras parade I attended two days ago.

Today, I have that long-awaited degree. And another one, too.  I continue to sip iced lattes under palm trees, and there will be more Mardi Gras parades all week.  But instead of enjoying the moment, I spent the night on Facebook looking at pictures of college days.

Damn you, Facebook. Damn you, Nostalgia. You’re making me appear Emo.